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Bring Back the Desired Look and Function to More Space

Adding beauty and value to your home with a new decorative concrete area is a simple and wise investment. Green Concrete Works specializes in customizing new and existing indoor spaces. Garage and basement floors are usually comprised of dull and unappealing concrete, leaving the spaces unused. There are many options depending on the desired look and function of the space. All coatings are extremely durable, beautiful, stain resistant and very easy to clean.
Decorative concrete is an ideal interior surface for a garage or basement. Adding concrete to these areas will increase functionality while decreasing maintenance.


Decorative concrete is a low maintenance and durable product. In order to protect your investment sealer should be reapplied every 3-5 years. You can choose our reseal program or have a one-time touch-up completed by our professionally trained finishing crew. Applying sealer will prevent the appearance of fading and restore the luster of the original surface .


Flooring a finished basement can often be a difficult decision. Homeowners want a water resistant surface that is also attractive and comfortable. Existing concrete can be overlooked. We offer several options to add value and beauty to your home. giving you versatility and peace of mind.



Our High Build Epoxy (HBE) coating contains zero VOCs, virtually no odor, and exhibits outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance. No solvents are used in the formulation of this product, and it is self-leveling. With an incredible blush resistance, this is the ideal epoxy coating. We offer HBE as a clear or colored epoxy coating. Custom colors are available upon request.


Color flakes are a great choice for commercial and residential surfaces. They can be applied to floors, counter tops, or vertical surfaces. Typical places for this type of project would be restaurants, bars, firehouses, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and just about any place in need of a durable and decorative surface.

We use a polyaspartic coating, which is the most durable concrete coating available for hospitals, garage floors, veterinary clinics, and other high traffic areas. Polyaspartics offer the highest level of abrasion and chemical resistance of any concrete coating, and a rapid cure rate that makes a one-day floor possible. Most surfaces with this treatment can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees F. Polyaspartics are five times more durable than the average garage floor coating, with no need to build multiple coats for durability.


Acid stains color the concrete with a chemical reaction. We offer eight beautiful colors that are UV stable and permanent that will never fade or peel. An acid-stained floor is a one-of-a-kind of art. It gives concrete a mottled and variegated appearance with an earthy hue. Acid stain has been around almost as long as concrete itself. It has been tried and proven as a safe and permanent solution for concrete coloring. Each stained concrete floor is unique due to the reaction process making each stain job a masterpiece.


Shimmer is the newest concrete flooring and countertop trend for residential and commercial customers. The metallic epoxy look is the most unique interior coating in the decorative concrete industry. Shimmer can accommodate a rustic, contemporary, or country aesthetic. This is a scratch and chemical resistant epoxy coating that offers amazing protection and durability. With many earth-tone colors to choose from, they can be blended for a natural marbleized effect.


Polished concrete is very similar to sanding a wood floor. The process allows restoration of older floors and beautifying new floors. The finished product is very easy to clean and reflects light in many settings. The floor becomes very durable and is a great solution for any retail space, classroom, basement or high traffic areas. Pigments can be added to incorporate design.