Our Process

Green Concrete Works would like to give you an idea about what can be expected when we work for you. 


Meet at our showroom- Our estimate process is somewhat unconventional. Before we are invited into your home, we ask that the initial meeting is held at our showroom. This practice is in place to give you the most benefits and knowledge right from the start. Green Concrete Works offers over 3,000 sqft of samples containing 22 different patterns and 54 different color combinations.

 You can schedule an appointment to take advantage of our showroom Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm, or Saturdays as available. When you prepare for your meeting with our staff, we ask that you bring along pictures and/or dimensions of your yard. This includes access to your yard. Having this information will allow our staff to provide you with an estimate while you are looking at the selections.  

Site Visit - 

Once you have determined that we are who you want to hire, we will conduct a site visit to confirm dimensions and design your layout. At this point, we will determine any special circumstances; enter you into our schedule; and confirm the needed materials. 

Barnstone Seats around Firepit.JPG



Once we start construction (weather permitting), the initial part of the project will only take a few short days. However, the concrete needs at least one week to cure. Once that has happened, our crew will revisit to perform touchups and apply two coats of sealer. 

After the work is completed, a Green Concrete Works professional will perform an inspection to verify the professionalism of the project. Once the inspection has passed, the final invoice will be released.