Patterns and Colors




The final color of your decorative concrete surface is made up of a combination of colors. The entire concrete surface will be the initial base color. This base color can be applied two ways. Either as a surface color hardener or as an integral color. The color hardener is troweled into the concrete once it has been poured into place. The hardener strengthens the concrete but it only colors the first 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. The integral color is a liquid that is mixed into the concrete and creates an even base color through out the concrete. It can only be used in the darker colors, because dying the concrete lighter becomes extremely expensive.

The second color(s), it can be multiple, is an antiquing release agent. This does two things: makes sure the stamp does not stick to the concrete and adds multiple colors to create a more natural and desirable effect. When looking through these colors be sure to have several colors in mind and remember the natural colors of the effect you are trying to achieve.

You can view our picture galleries to see these colors in real world applications.


View many of the different and patterns & borders that we have created for our clients. Medallions are an added design option that can highlight any area, such as patio, walk ways or fire pit area. They can be custom stained. The standard sizings are 4 1/2 feet circumference and 9 feet circumference.