Green Concrete Works

Exterior Services



Adding beauty and value to your home with a new decorative concrete area, or resurfacing existing concrete is a simple and wise investment. Green Concrete Works specializes in customizing new and existing outdoor spaces; including patios, walkways and driveways with decorative concrete.
Decorative concrete is an ideal interior surface for a garage or basement. Adding concrete to these areas will increase functionality while decreasing maintenance.



Concrete is one of the most durable and economical surfacing materials that can be used to create an outdoor space. With proper installation, a concrete space will create a unique look that will last for decades with minimal maintenance. We have the capability to design and install your new concrete space, or to resurface an existing concrete area with one of many decorative options. Projects have included patios, walkways, pools, driveways, porches and stairs.


Decorative walls are a great addition to any patio and can help with grading issues, define spaces, create planters or add a seating area. All of our walls are made with the strength of concrete and faced with the beauty of natural stone with a decorative concrete cap.


Patterns, borders and medallions are larger polymer stamps that can be used in combination to create a custom design. Designs can vary from something as simple as a flagstone patio to something as complex as multiple patterns on different surfaces with borders and accents.


Steps & Staircases

Steps and staircases sometimes become necessary in the execution of a project. and is dependent on the terrain surrounding a home. Stairs can create interest in your outdoor living space by connecting different level s or creating access between spaces. With all aspects of your project. we offer options to personalize your space.



Decorative concrete is a low maintenance and durable product. In order to protect your investment sealer should be reapplied every 3-5 years. You can choose our reseal program or
have a one-time touch-up completed by our professionally trained finishing crew. Applying sealer will prevent the appearance of fading and restore the luster of the original surface .